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We recently conducted an industry roundtable about the current state of AI and what the future will look like for healthcare. The roundtable participants shared their perspectives on what has been achieved, as well as where more strategic innovation is needed for AI to better serve physicians and patients. 

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Flexible Reporting@2x

We must stay true to the foundational premise of AI: if you cannot accurately measure an outcome then you can’t possibly wrap AI around it.”

- Mark Ziemianski, SVP and Chief Data Officer, Children's Health

Portal Workflow@2x

“Data is great, but creating workflow around the data is equally important,”

- Sandeep S. Vijan, Chief Medical Officer, Parkview Medical Center

Artificial Intelligence@2x

“If AI is not reducing the stress or complexity of the workflow, it is either not working, not optimized or not useful,”

- Ruben Amarasingham, Founder and CEO, Pieces